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Mutmak Makina, started to production of marble machines in 1990 for the necessity of industry in Bucak which is the world of travertine. As Mutlu Makina, the essential things are high operating safety in the system of marble cutting,carrying,calibrating and polishing and sensivity and reability in service and products. Besides its services and customer satisfaction, Mutlu Makina's prioties include human priority,power of knowledge and quality superiority.Our firm operating its business with the conscious that creating happy customers can be made through understanding their desires and problems and producing rigth and quality solutions for them. With the systems of marble cutting and carrying,polishing such as 4 ST Marble Block Cutting Machine,2 ST Marble Block Cutting Machine,VK 250 Compass Vacuum,BK 650 Cross Cutting Machine,Automatic Cross Cutting Machine,Trimming Machine,Block Revolving Machine,K3 Calibrating Machine, Multi Disc Cutting Machine,1+3 Moving Head Automatic Marble Polishing Machine and Slab Polishing Machine by which we carry out our production,we believe that we will produce special solutions for our customers in cutting of marble roks and their carrying.
Ciftyildiz first started to produce hydraulic press and then to produce universal lathe in 1960 in the Konya Motorized Vehicles Industry. Ciftyildiz increased its production capacity marble sector after a period od time. In order to produce more productive under the better conditions, it moved its factory 10 3.0002 modern establishment in Ozel Busan Organize Sanati Bolgesi form 1998. Ciftyildiz determined its target towards domestic market; to solve the problem of covering tha marble rquipment needed bu the marble industrialsts form abroad with high prices and to produce quality machines that meet the expectaions of industrialists. In addition to requirements bolumoe increasinf every year by supplying the product to the users in proper prices. Ciftyildiz reflect the latest technologies to its productions by continuously following the technological developments in the sector.It provides a big ease for its customers by using teh PLC automation system in the produced machines .To response the requirements efficiently requires to consider needs customers and use facilities. Ciftyildiz will continue to develop its production by evaluating the feedback from customer in detail.In order to turn trading into confidence and friendship, it produces on the platform having principle, quality and economy it is not limited by production only, but oalso it removes all problems regarding machines maximum in 24 hours in homeland and maximum in 72 hours in foreign land through its wide service network etsablished in domestic land and foreign lands. Ciftyildiz exports to over 15 countries.Ciftyildiz which says that “the best promotion is the referense of customer “ has accepted in its sale regions and taken its place between the strong firms of sector.
OMAS METAL INDUSTRIES and TRADING CO. LTD. is a manufacturing company rendering sales, marketing and logistics services for the effective and efficient delivery of the technological products to the consumers. Omas with its standing in technology supply network and its professionalism, productivity, honesty and market development qualifications maintained since it is founded is recognized as one of the leading companies of the technology market of Turkey.

Omas is founded in 1995 and markets circular metal profile cutting saws, marble, granite, asphalt, concrete cutting saws, knife-edge disks in international standards throughout Turkey and Asian countries.


Our establishment aims to increase its market share and competition power by offering products that satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. By creating the facilities for the continuous development of our staff, closely following-up the developing technology and adopting continuous betterment understanding we strive to be the leader in our sector.
Since the day it was founded, our company has collaborated with many leading international companies in the leading technological developments in order to provide the best solutions to the customers a
Mavijet Waterjet Cutting Technology, can process cold cutting of all kinds of materials (Glass, Marble, Granite, Ceramics, Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Mild Steel, Hardox, Titanium, All Composites, Clothing, Cake etc..) with low tolerances without causing electrical, chemical and optical reaction. Cutting process is 100% physical and is realized with the power generated by mixing highly pressurized water (up to 6000 bars) and abrasive sand.